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Family Visas

Our office represents clients in both family and employment visa matters. For a free evaluation of your situation, please fill out a web consulatation form or call 312.588.0466.

  • F-2 Visa (family members of F1 visa holders
  • H-4 Visa (family members of H visa holders)
  • J-2 Visa (family members of J1 visa holders)
  • K-1 Visa (fiance of US citizen)
  • K-2 Visa (children of K1 visa holders)
  • K-3 Visa (spouses of US citizens)
  • K-4 Visa (children of K3 visa holders)
  • L-2 Visa (family members of L visa holders)
  • M-2 Visa (family members of M1 visa holders)
  • O-3 Visa (family members of O visa holders)
  • P-4 Visa (family members of P visa holders)
  • R-2 Visa (family members of R1 visa holders)
  • TD Visa (family members of TN visa holders)
  • V-1 Visa (spouses of green card holders)
  • V-2 Visa (children of green card holders)
  • V-3 Visa (children of V visa holders)

For more information, please fill out the web consultation form or call 312.588.0466.

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